I do admit for PSLE I am falling behind DRASTICALLY.
Like, really. So people go to a million tutions while I go to two. Even if they don’t do 3 practice papers daily and I do, tuition slices RIGHT IN BETWEEN my whole timetable. And when that happens, it is normally a bad thing. My case is no exception. Papers, more papers. I have a whole box full of completed papers that could be better used for sleeping in. One day I shall stop buying toilet paper and use old exam papers instead, bec Continue reading “PSLE”


GAT Preparation

The GAT exam is on 19th June. It is 13 June now, and my mom wants me to read through GAT papers. She says it’s similar to GEP. This is what the home page text on says: The GAT is a standardized assessment of an applicant’s general reasoning ability, and it measures learning capacity, […]


In this short blog post I attempt to get your attention Bored? Welcome! In my blogs, you can find funny content, not to mention refrences to things near and dear to you. As a P6 (who is 11) and Singaporean, I relate to you all the experiences I go through as a P6 student. This […]