GAT Preparation

The GAT exam is on 19th June. It is 13 June now, and my mom wants me to read through GAT papers. She says it’s similar to GEP. This is what the home page text on says:

The GAT is a standardized assessment of an applicant’s general reasoning ability, and it measures learning capacity, observational skills and problem solving ability. It provides an objective measure that is free from language and cultural bias. All the information needed to respond to each question is presented within the test item itself. Clear instructions will be given to ensure that applicants understand how to attempt the test.  

The GAT is an abilities test, and it tells whether a student has strong underlying mental capabilities. This is in contrast to achievement tests which are subject based, and that assess a student’s learned skills and knowledge. Abilities tests and achievement tests complement each other, and shed light on different aspects of a student’s capabilities. When used together, they provide a good overall assessment of the quality of an applicant.

” All the information needed to respond to each question is presented within the test item itself. ”

Does that mean it is easy? I think it’s just reading and understanding the question, absorbing the info. This MAY call for speed reading.

“Speed Reading”
Reading fast. So fast, you don’t even know what language the text is in. Heck, you don’t even know whether it’s text or all the frames from a My Little Pony animation pasted on the paper. THAT’S how fast.

Actually on hindsight it may not be such a good idea.

So I looked at an image of a GAT sample, and I think I would be better off solving the Riddle of the Sphinx.

Image website


I don’t even UNDERSTAND the question.
Oh, s**t
I think I’m in trouble.

Thanks for reading
Holy cow
I’m gonna go watch Vampire Diaries 4


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