I do admit for PSLE I am falling behind DRASTICALLY.
Like, really. So people go to a million tutions while I go to two. Even if they don’t do 3 practice papers daily and I do, tuition slices RIGHT IN BETWEEN my whole timetable. And when that happens, it is normally a bad thing. My case is no exception. Papers, more papers. I have a whole box full of completed papers that could be better used for sleeping in. One day I shall stop buying toilet paper and use old exam papers instead, bec
ause, yes, exam papers are usable as A4-sized toilet paper.

Now, I may sound like Amos Yee, who disapproves of Education, but I DO ‘like’ education. No, I shouldn’t put it like that. I am ENTHUSIASTIC about education. That sounds better. And to my mom who is endlessly writing checks and invoices for my dad, she had 100% attendance most of the time too, like me. Yet here are my SA1 grades:
English : 89
Chinese : 73.3
Maths : 78 (I hate myself for this)
Science : 81.5 (I feel like burning the paper)

And I study at Temasek Primary School, FYI.
Thanks again for reading, that has been my blog post.


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